OFFF, atelier

We’ve just completed a new translation project for the guys at OFFF. They just started a new project called, OFFF atelier, and we translated the entire website.

Parallel to the birth of the OFFF Festival emerges a constant interest of collaborating in a broader way with the academic field.

This participation has always been characterized by the commitment of enriching the content and innovating experiences in the academic field, that by creativity, promotes the execution of projects and real work experience.

During the last ten years, OFFF has trascended its own nature as a festival to become a synonym of its own time and the avantgarde, achieving recognition and consolidation in the international setting. Likewise, the multiple experience accumulated in the academic scene has evolved transforming itself into a solid experimentation platform for the new professional generation.

One of our main challenges is to overcome the academic matters, in order to offer a first intense and qualified professional experience. This is how OFFF Atelier is born.
Thanks to our pedagogical system, in our last experience, a young team of ten talented new graduates from Graphic Design, New Media and Video, have overcome all expectations giving us extraordinary results. You may even find some examples of their work in this website.

Our main goal is to continue offering our students the opportunity to develop an integral professional profile in the frame of a multidisciplinary experience.

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