A few months ago we had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the people at OFFF again by publishing a book to celebrate their 10th anniversary .We translated Spanish to English for the book.

The OFFF International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture (Paris, 24-26 June 2010) presents an exclusive 10th anniversary book published by Index Book.

All the happenings in the history of the festival are narrated in an original, uninhibited and interactive way through anecdotes, situations, testimonials and images by renowned artists such as Neville Brody, Kyle Cooper, Hi-Res!, Hillman Curtis, Rob Chiu, Michael Paul Young, Digital Kitchen,Multitouch Barcelona, Paula Scher, Tomato, Vasava, Alex Trochut and Erik Natzke, among others.

The book's design is based on fresh, spontaneous aesthetics that match the concept of a personal journal. The visual effects, illustrations, image treatment and interaction with
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